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Second poem

Posted by Joy On 11:59 PM 0 comments

                  A fire burns deep inside your heart
                  The smoke from the ashes rises far
                  You are made to live in this fake reality
                  When everybody else rejoices, you were meant to fall

                  This emptiness, this hatred inside you
                  Brings out the devil inside
                  Do you really wanna be someone else
                  Or are you content with being the failure again

                 Life goes on, you move ahead
                 You see light shining in your head
                 Is this gonna last forever
                 Or will 'You' again mess up your future

                 Time and time again, you tell yourself
                 That its all in your head
                 What if its not, huh?
                 What if, inside, you're the one whose dead..   


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