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What Makes Me Happy

Posted by Joy On 2:15 AM 0 comments

Well all I've been writing down has been your usual depressing stuff eh..nor that it matters really does it?..Maybe someday it will..Till then I'll keep writing shit down..why? don't know why..anyways I was talking about the depressing stuff. For a change I thought I might write something about being happy and stuff like that..They say change is a must..So let's try.

So let me write down the things that make me happy..Well sometimes lots of things and sometimes nothing at all..Happens to all of us doesn't it..Enough! Let's start..
    PEOPLE AROUND ME - I have such wonderful people around me be it my parents, family  members,      friends, online friends.. I mean its quite amazing the support you get from them or guess I'm one of the lucky  ones..talking, chatting to them and just that you know that they're there for you makes me happy..
    MUSIC - Just knowing that I have something to fall back upon when things don't go my way or when I'm down in the dumps..Music's always been there..Doesn't matter what the situation is..what the circumstances are..just blast those speakers or headphones with your favorite music and its all gonna be okay :)

    BEING NICE - Being nice and helping others just makes me feel good..

    THE TIME FACTOR - I know I have lots of free time. Well it can work out either ways as in it can be a bad thing but  I do have all the time in the world to do stuff I like..

    DOING THE STUFF I LIKE - Watching movies, playing games, buying new stuff(computer or music related stuff), roaming around with friends or family and just being around people I like makes me happy..

    THE LUCK FACTOR - Well I've been really lucky in life to have really almost everything I need..

    If I write more it'll become more of an essay so I'll leave it at that for now..If you do manage to read the post kindly comment the things that make you happy..thanks!


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